Landscape Design

Our designers will help you design landscape of your dream. We offer services for Appraisal & Definition of the Project, Design Concept and Design Development. We help you explore possibilities with great details & insights.

  • Landscape Architecture & Planning
  • Design - Build
  • Program Management

Landscape Development

Experienced and savvy landscape contracting team, Horticulturists with knowledge of soil, planting material and climatic conditions adds to seamless project delivery and your expectations for long term results.  

  • Pre-development
  • Design-Build
  • Build-Operate
  • Project Management

Landscape Maintenance

Gardening is life-time activity. Your surroundings reflects how you upkeep your property. With our in-house trained crew of Supervisors & gardeners, you can bring sense of sustainability in long term landscape maintenance.  

  • General Works
  • Earthworks
  • Plant Nutrition
  • Plant Protection

Landscape Enhancement

If you feel the present garden needs some enhancement or redevelopment, then we can certainly help you out. Whether its overgrown plants, problematic soils, alternate bearing orchards, unshaped hedges, or anything which you think needs to be worked, we can help you have garden of your dreams.

  • Landscape renovation
  • Seasonal coloring
  • Safe Grounds

Lawn Care Services

Everyone loves lush green lawns. Tap into the most advanced lawn care facility. We are having good knowledge of soil, lawn varieties, nutrition and long term lawn care. Our team is equipped with advanced tools, equipment, and lawn care machinery. 

  • Lawn Installation
  • Lawn Maintenance
  • Repair & Renovation

Tree Services

Get safety conscious, professional arboriculture services for planting, re-planting/ transplantation, and moving full grown trees. We offer total tree care services and management of trees.

  • Tree Assessment
  • Tree Management
  • Arboricultre

Water Management

At Terrascape, we value smart use of natural resources, whether its soil or water. We help you achieve great productivity per drop. We offer smart and intelligent irrigation design, installations and maintenance services.  

  • Irrigation Design
  • Installations
  • Automation
  • AMC's


Terrascape is fully equipped with native plants data and inventory for successful afforestation development. We design, develop, and maintain Miyawaki method forests of any size for our customers. 

  • Forest Design
  • Plantation
  • AMC