Interiorscaping/ Indoor Garden

Interiorscaping is an art and science of enhancing interiors with live plants, biophilic materials, and garden accessories. It adds liveliness to interiors. You can fill corners with big leaf plant or evergreen tall plants. Hide unwanted areas with foliage, ad drama to dull storage boxes, green up your floors, or liven-up desk with small desk plant.

Live plants at living and working spaces makes good association with surroundings and enhance the morale of the one who choose to spend time being with nature. Live plants also has benefits like maintain humidity and improving micro-climate, absorbing hazardous house-keeping chemicals, smoothening tired eyes, and lighten up the mood of stressed residents or employees.

Caring of indoor plant brings positive vibes, sense of grooming, sense of caring, and thus helping in develop good culture at living and working places.

We help you select, install, and maintain indoor green spaces with our expertise in horticultural services.