• Dambulla caves, Sri Lanka from outside

  • A close-up of the palace

  • Lalla Lallumal’s Dharamsala, the oldest private ghat in Lucknow. It’s still used by families visiting Lucknow.

  • Triangular in shape, the Kakbhushundi Lake is at an elevation of 4,345 metres above sea level. It is named after mythical Kakbhushundi sage, who stayed in the body of a crow.

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Glimpses of Grandeur

It’s for a reason that Udaipur is k

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Relics of the Emerald Isle

Sri Lanka’s safely preserved herita

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Daughter of the earth

Unlike the Ganga, the Gomti is less

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Jewels in the high

We bring you snapshots of 11 lakes

May 2017

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